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Welcome to Cariad Tatting

Free tatting patterns and technique tutorials.

I designed this star in memory of my daughter Sian Marguerite 1969 - 2019

About Me

The first time I saw tatted lace was when I was 15; the needlework teacher at my new school had some lingerie on her table, and it was embellished with tatting. The teacher let me borrow one of her books so that I could teach myself how to tat.

I trained as a secondary school teacher in Home Economics (aka Domestic Science) but I have been crocheting, embroidering and knitting since I was 6. I got married and we had three children then, when they grew up, I learned how to do patchwork and quilting, and also bobbin lace.

I started teaching tatting in about 2000 but couldn’t find patterns for my students to practice the techniques I was teaching them, so this is when I started to design my own patterns. The patterns you’ll find on my website are there for you to enjoy, and to practice or revise a technique, you’ll find tutorials for the techniques in the techniques section.


Happy Tatting,

Jennifer Williams

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